YouTube’s Q&A on Layout Changes

So I just listened to YouTube’s Q&A about all the recent layout changes. Here are some of their explanations to their wacky changes:

  • Why the homepage is “What to watch” instead of “My subscriptions”

The majority of users have a very small amount of subscriptions. If someone has only 3 subscriptions and the “My subscriptions” page is the first page they land, they might not have any new videos to watch for a day or two which would lead them to spend more time on another website. This makes sense for that type of user, but YouTube is showing again their lack of interest in loyal users of the website while catering to casual users. In my opinion, it should at least be an option of the homepage to allow the “My Subscriptions” page to be first. Everybody’d be happy!

  • Why the “more videos from” module is gone from the video watch page

(This is not a joke) “We removed the ‘more videos from’ module so users would know that channels existed.” This move makes it so that casual users will discover lol the magical channel page of a creator. For the power user though, we are left with an annoying amount of extra clicking just to watch another video by a certain creator. I still can’t imagine this far in the game someone who’s been on the site for a bit going “OMG!…THERE ARE CHANNELS?!

  • Why is YouTube left aligned so there’s so much white space?

"We want the guide to always be in the same place on the left of the screen, but we’ll gradually be expanding and taking up more browser space." This answer didn’t really make much sense. Why don’t they just…expand now? It looks silly. But that’s all the guy said.  

  • What’s next?

OMG THEY ARE UPDATING CHANNELS AGAIN. Oh, sorry about that. But yes, it’s true. Within the next couple of months, they will be completely remodelling the YouTube channel layout so that the “guide” is on the left and your time on YouTube is a “more consistent experience.”

Oh, also, unfun fact that I learned from someone at YouTube HQ Monday: videos no longer show up in “related videos” unless it has over 20,000 views. That’s the threshold. It is possible to be related with extreme metadata relevancy and/or if the videos are linked through annotations, but generally the algorithm won’t have the video as related unless it’s over 20,000 views.

Am I home or am I simply tumbling all alone?

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